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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Rhapsodio SUPREME V3

Inheriting the tradition of extreme human voice passed down from the previous Supreme series, the third generation adopts Ultramag 5G static magnetostatic technology to increase the hardness of the diaphragm and add a layer of polyethylene naphthalate film, which increases the elasticity and density of low frequencies, bringing fast and accurate Excellent low-frequency transient response, excellent diving depth and speed.

The human voice has also been revised. In the past, female vocals have a unique sweetness and high vocal density, and the mouth shape is clearly visible, but the thickness of the male voice is not enough, and the throat is not hoarse. It is manifested as ink dots, which increases its thickness and moist feeling, and also enhances the explanatory power.

The shell has also evolved from a UV-cured material to a brass material. The effect is based on the brass material that brings the taste of a graceful trumpet, the sound is strong, sharp, and full of brilliance, and the sound is loud, crisp, high-pitched and rich in expression.

Supreme 3 has added the US-patented technology HDSS. The "HDSS® = High Definition Sound Standard" greatly improves sound quality and has opened up a whole new paradigm for sound systems and technology, attracting much attention. HDSS® technology can keep sound quality from changing or becoming muddy in any environment and can restore natural and realistic sound. The technology has the following three notable features:

  1. Adaptive environment: HDSS® technology can adapt to different environments and adjust the sound according to different acoustic environments, ensuring consistent sound quality.
  2. Sound field extension: HDSS® technology can extend sound fields to larger spaces, making the sound more open, natural, and providing an immersive experience.
  3. Frequency response: HDSS® technology can achieve a wider frequency response, improving sound detail and clarity for a more natural and realistic sound.
Driver: Ultamag4G Dual Aluminium Magnetostatic Driver
Frequency response: 20hz ~40000hz
Impedance: 17ohms
Sensitive: 97db

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
TOTL Resolution

-Staging (depth and height is some of the best i've heard to date)
-Imaging (space between instruments is the best i've heard to date)
-Resolution just TOTL level
-Vocals (female particulary a strength)
-Acoustics and (live) are just superb

-Treble needs a bit of refinement (cymbals and anything within that frequency range 4-5kish seem to come across as a little shrill)
-Big shell/stem and weight can be an issue for some.
-Cable synergy can be seen as a con or pro but can be a cable chameleon.
-Hard to drive for full potential.
-Stage width (but still very good for an IEM)

cable: Beat Audio Oslo mk IV 8 wire
Tips: Canal Works CWU-GDECA / Eletech Baroque