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    Aroma Audio ACE - Musicteck

    Aroma Audio ACE

    $ 4,500.00

    Aroma Audio ACE

    Accumulating our unique understanding of technology and sound for many years, it is a flagship earphone that we devote all our efforts to and have been continuously researching. Twelve balanced armature drivers are used, including four ultra-low frequency, four mid-low frequency, two high frequency, and two ultra-high frequency. They are designed with 4-way splits, and are matched with 3D printing 3-hole catheter outputs. Effectively eliminate unnecessary sound interference. A two-digit encoder (module) is set on the earphone, and 4 preset tone are available for selection.


    ACE  balanced mode

    In the balanced mode, the music expression is magnetic, full mid-frequency vocol, the instrument's positioning and presence are outstanding, and the excellent horizontal sound field brings amazing musiclistening enjoyment.


    King  vocal mode

    The vocal position is relatively forward, the purpose is to highlight the delicate smoothness of the vocal, and to restore the performance with the instrumental accompaniment. The singer's feelings and singing skills, the sound field is relatively small compered to onder modes, exclusive solo type turning.


    Queen  high frequency mode

    Improving the brightness and clarity of the sound can accurately represent the overtones of the instrument, and at the same time can make people feel rich in treble.


    Jack  low frequency mode

    The sense of low frequency volume has been significantly improved and full of flexibility. It will not overwhelm the mid-high frequency, and the lateral sound field is a bit wider. You can feel like the scene which is listening in the concert.

    Aroma Audio ACE - MusicTeck

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