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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Liquid Links Venom

Liquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeckLiquid Links Venom - MusicTeck

Customer Reviews

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Unexpected result.

My setup is Hiby RS6, Unique Melody Mest Mk.2, Liquid Links Venom.
I never believed cables can change sound and never planed to pay for it consequently. But standard cable of my Mest mk2 turned out to be extremely poor quality (sound from the left earphone started to disappear). Then I had to choose new one and buy Liquid Links because it looked same design as my headphones (black with gold marks) :)
It was very unexpected impression when I plug it. Sorry in abvance because of i can't write poetically... More bass, more details, more expression, more sound! As if I bought new headphones and not a cable. Also it looks as high quality, expansive and really beautiful thing. Now i can recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his Mest mk.2. No doubt the cables work!

X. J.
Great cable

A great cable with excellent price.

The best cable I have ever heard or owned

Strong words in the title, yes...but it is truth to my ears. I have never experienced a cable like this before. It's absolute nuts. I am not overhyping it in any way shape or form. It's simply remarkable and caused me to pick up the Martini and Conti while I was at it. Apparently I have become a huge Liquid Links fan which seems like overnight. So some insight into my crazy. I have the Venom paired with the 64 Audio Fourte, and the Martini paired with the Legend X (OG). I have never heard these IEMs sound this amazing as the synergy is off the charts. The Venom I will talk about in this mini write-up. So why so great?? Well, it turned everything up a notch in level of clarity and separation. I read all the negatives about Fourte, but Venom just seems to lend a helping hand and made my Fourte sound TOTL level it deserves. Giving the bass a slight boost, mids just oh so lush, and treble detail one would find so satisfactory. Not to mention soundstage and imaging prowess too. I can't be more happy with this purchase and so happy I made the "leap of faith" and gave it a try.

Claud R.W.
Excellent cable

And stylish too. Great pairing with Aroma Jewel for a reasonable price..