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    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition (English Version)

    $ 3,699.00

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition

    PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck 

    Obsessed with the expressive minimalist attributes and superior craftsmanship almost exclusive to very high-end audio products, Lotoo has again pushed the boundaries further still.

    Meet the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Titanium.

    We couldn’t be more proud to present our PAW Gold Touch in a special limited Titanium Edition, making the ultimate luxurious audio statement that is destined to become an irresistible, enduring complement to your passion for music. 

    <img alt="Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck" src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0888/2348/files/DSC_0660_1024x1024.jpg?v=1603384747">  

    #1 Exceptional Ingenuity

    It has been almost three years since Lotoo launched the PAW Gold Touch, the gold standard of the flagship DAP, which has been lauded by audiophiles and industry insiders around the world. To bring the latest evolution in the PAW Gold lineup, Lotoo has dedicated itself to the task of taking one of the most challenging contemporary metals to the leading edge of craftsmanship par excellence in audio technology design.

    The striking expression of the material element is an underpinning theme of this incredible new project with TA15, the expensive titanium alloy used across cutting-edge industries from automotive to aerospace technology due mainly to its ideal blend of properties that make it superior in performance to pure titanium.

    By virtue of its light weight, high strength, high ductility, low modulus of elasticity, low thermal conductivity and its durability as well as excellent resistance to corrosion, the TA15 alloy is a popular material across a plethora of demanding and innovative industries and products, such as aerospace, defense, racing car engines, frames and blades for compressors and impellers for turbines.

    Lotoo's obsession with turning TA15, one of the most desirable metals commercially available, into a DAP entirely housed in this alloy, is considered audacious. The team went to great lengths in developing the necessary manufacturing resources. This lustrous, silvery metal is notoriously hard to handle; incredibly unforgiving to the CNC machining process, and the intimidating cycle of lengthy, relentless and repetitive trials of prototyping, rejecting and re-starting all over again is almost beyond comprehension.


    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck

    #2 Sound Matters

    As a special edition of the classic LPGT, the Titanium version aims more specifically at creating a unique emotional and physical experience in the user – the combination of visual, tactile and audible elements each expressed to the finest possible degree. To achieve the greatest synergy of material and acoustic properties, Lotoo has gone through a painstaking R&D process to perfect a circuit design solution specifically engineered to match the physical and auditory properties of the new material employed in the LPGT Ti. In keeping with this design philosophy, we have increased the output power to maximum 720mW, allowing the LPGT Ti to drive even the most demanding headphones available on the market.

    It has taken the Lotoo team years of prototyping to successfully arrive at the LPGT Ti as it is today. Our refusal to settle for anything less than what is defined by Lotoo as being the best has resulted in relentless testing to eliminate any material which is less than ideal. The perfectionists at Lotoo pride ourselves on striving to deliver pure excellence in every product we make.

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck

    #3 The Splendour Shines Through   

    Not only are the titanium alloys widely used in various high-tech sectors, they are also the go-to material in haute horlogerie and highly innovative jewelry.  To enhance the surface of the LPGT Ti, we used a specially formulated PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating, a specific colouring process applied to metals and popularly used by luxury watchmakers.

    This extremely demanding work with the titanium alloy has paid off in the end for Lotoo. The highly tenacious metal has metamorphosed into a gracefully formed and polished housing, glistening with a beautiful, metallic lustre. An awe-inspiring object to be marveled at and appreciated for its aesthetic beauty, in addition to its audio functionality.

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition - MusicTeck

    #4 The Prestige of Exclusivity 

    To make the LPGT Ti a genuinely collectible audiophile item, we add a beautifully crafted amulet-like cube, made of the same TA15 material. "Gaia" takes its name from the Platonic Solids where the "Cube" corresponds to Earth; hence the name Gaia that is also associated with the Titans, which is where the word Titanium is originated from (German: das Titan). We present Gaia as our little special gift to you as a symbol of the bond between the LPGT Ti and each member of the small, exclusive group of discerning audiophiles who will own one.

    Owing to the challenging process of crafting each one of these exquisite DAPs, only a very limited number of LPGT Ti will be available worldwide. Each will come with its own serial number that displays when the DAP is booted.

    For this premium product, a case made of genuine Nappa leather adds yet another touch of prestige and luxury. 


    What Makes Titanium Expensive?

    Titanium was first discovered in 1791 and takes its name from the Titans in Greek mythology, powerful sons of the earth. Despite the fact that titanium is the 9th most common element on the planet, just 5% of all titanium ore mined globally is processed into titanium metal. This is primarily due to the extremely difficult and costly extraction process which has to do with its high melting point.  It is also prohibitively expensive; per kg, titanium can cost nine times the price of stainless steel. 



    # Inside the Package

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition (English Version) - MusicTeck

    # Specifications 

    Formats: DSD 64/128/256/512 DFF / DSF / ISO

                    WAV / MP3 / FLAC / APE / OGG / M4A / AAC

    Display: 3.77inch touchscreen

    Processor: ADI BF706 DSP / i▪MX6 / X1000

    DAC chip: AK4497EQ

    XRC chip: AK4137EQ

    Headphone chip: OPA1622 / LME49600

    USB: USB3.1 Type-C

    Storage: UHS-II SD Card (up to 2TB)

    Battery: 5400mAh Li-Polymer

    Bluetooth Audio: Bluetooth 4.2

    Size: 119*68.6*21mm (bulge parts not included)

    Weight: 365g

    Firmware Update: Supported


    Freq. Response: +0.005/-0.38dB (20~20kHz)

    THD+N : 0.00015% (4.4mm) / 0.0002% (3.5mm)  @1kHz (20~20kHz, A-weight, No load)

    SNR:  127dB (4.4mm) / 125dB (3.5mm) (20~20kHz, A-weight)

    Max Output Level:  +16dBu (3.5mm) / 14.4dBu (4.4mm)

    Channel Isolation:  -126dB

    Dynamic Range:  127dB (4.4mm) / 126dB (3.5mm) (20~20kHz, A-weight)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Carl T.
    Hands down the best DAP you would likely ever find period, regardless of price.

    This DAP is the only one I really use now. It is staggeringly able to fine tune the entire signature of your music, in many respects even. It is simply awesome. Maybe the only gripe might be the OS is not as nice as my Astell & Kerns. The lack of information the OS provides relative to your music, and even the time of day, is annoying. But--the SOUND, and, as well the BATTERY life is only bettered by the Sony. I get on average over 14 hours of constant use out of a full charge. NONE of my A & K's come any--where--close. And, as well, you can actually 'upsample' your music, which, on some tracks, can really---make--them shine fabulously. ..I tell everyone I know to go with this DAP. It simply delivers the goods. I still sometimes am in awe of how drastically I can alter the entire sound presentation of my IEM's with this things massive adjustablity. I say 'massive' because nothing--out--there comes any--where--close to this in terms of sheer custom tailoring of your entire collection of music.

    Anfernee Z.
    Still The King

    Lotoo is a veteran audio studio from China. They have strict workmanship requirements for each product. I know that there will be many products with better configurations at this price, but the sound is not only as simple as the configuration, Lotoo's tuning and PMEQ mode selection are authoritative and dominant. They said that the potential of the AK4497 EQ chip has been developed to the extreme. Both the 3.5mm jack and the 4.4 balanced jack can provide powerful output, and at the same time, the tuning is different, which makes you feel satisfied.

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