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PWAudio Century Series - 1960s 2wired

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PWAudio Century Series - 1960s 4wired

Jacket Material : Nylon Jacket,PU insulation,Teflon cover

Conductor Material : OCC copper wirh litz

Conductor Gauge: 26AWG

Number of Conductors : 2 positive Conductors and 2 negative Conductors


The 1960s

The 1960s is the flagship IEM cable by Peter Wong Audio that is designed for the maximum sound quality possible for a pure OCC copper litz cable in the most ergonomic form factor.

By using 26AWG wires and FEP jacket for the positive signal and 24AWG wires and PVC jacket for negative signal, the 1960s offers a large soundstage, better sense of airiness, bass that is textured and well extended and an incredibly resolving sound matched by no other cable.

The 1960s flagship IEM cable consists of wires made in the USA, and is hand braided and built by Peter Wong himself. To add to a more exquisite sense of touch and feel to the cables, the 1960s features carbon fiber sleeving and the signature PWAudio choker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
R. A.B.
PWAudio 1960’s 2-wire inexplicably good with 64Audio U12T

It may not look like much, but it’s hard to explain what this cable added to the overall experience when attached to the 64Audio U12T (w/ M15 modules). Soundstage massively improved. Sub-bass power and punch massively improved. Treble detail massively improved. Overall sense of space and realism massively improved. It’s kinda hard to wrap one’s head around what exactly is happening here, but it is certainly something very good.

The cable is much thinner/smaller than it looks in photos. It is also not an extremely soft, pliable, or memory free cable. This is a bit of a downer for me, as the KBear 2-core copper 1960s lookalike cable from Amazon/Ali that’s sold for 1/10th the price is probably 10x more comfortable and has a much better, softer, memory-free feel in the hand and around the ears. The cable does have a pretty cool look though. It’s got a very old-school, understated sort of vibe to its look and feel.

I bought the cable expecting to pair it with my Legend-X and was almost immediately not pleased with that pairing. Mid-bass became too emphasized and I felt that the cable just pushed the low frequencies over the edge. I did not feel that the Legend-X benefited from the cable, for my music library (mostly electronic- lot’s of techno + some classical). Once I discovered this I moved on to trying it out with the U12T and was almost immediately just floored at what it did for these IEM’s on multiple different levels / aspects.

Highly recommended for anyone running U12T’s. I would assume the benefits may be similar on other multi-BA sets that are similar to U12T.

PW Audio 1960s 2 wired

This is an awesome upgrade cable that would give most iems a more organic sound. Perfect for just sitting back and enjoying your music.