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PWAudio Orpheus with Shielding

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$ 5,861.00
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PWAudio Orpheus with Shielding

General Specification

Jacket Material: TPR, Nelon

Conductor Material: 7 groups of multi-strands copper with 3 different types of insulation

Conductor Gauge: 26awg

Number of conductor: 4

Shielding version with ofc copper for shielding from 4.4 to y stopper

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Exceptional, but best not to blind buy.

Exceptional, but best not to blind buy.

Walter M.
The cable of dreams se

I think all audiophiles in the world dream of being able to try a cable that can elevate the sound they hear with their IEMs, to a level close to perfection.
I believe that Peter Wong's masterpiece is the cable that makes this dream come true.
Orpheus, in addition to having a simply premium build quality, is able to bring the sound quality of our IEMs to a superlative dimension.
The sound is so natural, organic, elevating the perception of every single detail, thanks to a super black background, with an impressive stage, that allows you to feel the music floating around your head, creating a magical sensation.
Everything is so harmonious and balanced that you never want to stop listening to your favorite music
I use it with my Aroma Jewel and the synergy is just insane.
This is the cable of Dreams.
Try it and you won't be able to do without it

Douglas F.
Amazing Cable with a Cost

This cable is the best I've ever used! I sold my two kids and my kidney for this. Well worth it! Prefect pair for the CCA CRA.

Jiawei L.

PWAudio Orpheus with Shielding

Bobby M.
Organic awesomeness

The Orpheus is a very organic and natural sounding cable that is capable of retrieving micro details on a level I have never experienced before. The background is the blackest I have ever heard. Microphonics are the same as other PW 4 wire paracord cables so keep that in mind. Paired with the Traillii it brings the mid range a little more forward and makes the sound fuller. Micro details are even more present and the sound is slightly smoother. Sub bass depth seems to extend a little deeper and upper treble sounds a little more airy but nothing too drastic on that end.