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Rooth Reusable Protective Earplug

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Noise Reduction


Heavy Metal Red 27dB The Rooth Protective Earpiece for Industrial Environments is an all-purpose and reusable protective earplug for noisy work environments with heavy machinery such as construction equipment, farming tools, and manufacturing equipment. The noise level in these settings often exceed the "safe" noise level of 85 dB. The protective earpiece is able to attenuate the environment noise level by around 27 dB, allowing a safe noise environment for up to 8 hours even at 110 dB of environmental noise. The protective earpiece can be used in conjunction with other industrial ear muffs for extra protection.
Rock Orange 25dB When riding a motorcycle with a helmet on at 100 km/h, the external noise level reaches around 95 - 105 dB, which far exceeds what experts accept as the normal sound level of 85 dB. Within just 15 minutes, you're at risk for tinnitus and other noise-induced hearing damage. This specially designed and reusable protective earpiece fits snugly in your ears without coming in contact with your helmet. The earpiece attenuates the environmental noise while maintaining clarity of speech, allowing for the user to hold normal conversations. By reducing the overall noise level to a safe level, the protective earpiece allows you to enjoy the road and ride. Particles such as dust and dirt from the road can affect the overall performance of the earpiece, so be sure to periodically clean and maintain the earpiece with warm water to get the best performance out of them!
Concert/Party Blue 21dB The Rooth Protective Earpiece for Music Listeners is a reusable earpiece designed for musicians and music enthusiasts. With its patented acoustic filter technology, the Rooth Protective Earpiece provides an even and balanced attenuation of noise to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable sound while reducing the volume to a safe level. Music at concerts often exceed what experts deem the safe level of 85 dB. Exposure to sound beyond this level causes issues such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, and long-term hearing loss. The protective earpiece can reduce the volume level up to 21 dB, allowing the listener to enjoy the music at a safe level for up to 8 hours even at sound levels of 105 dB.
Stadium Green 15dB Everyone loves watching and cheering on their favorite football, basketball or hockey team. What they don't know, however, is that the stadium noise average 105-110dB and regularly reach over 129dB! Professionals have concluded that the generally acceptable "safe" sound level is 85dB or lower. Exposure to sound levels higher than that causes hearing damage over time. One can initially experiencing hearing damage in the form of a ringing in their ear that lasts just a couple of hours. However, over time, the hearing damage is permanent. The Rooth Stadium Earpiece is a reusable, washable, universal fit hearing protection earpiece designed specifically for sports fans. Rooth Stadium Earpiece provides a balanced, full frequency attenuation while making speech clearer and easier to understand.
Musician Purple 9dB As the name suggests, the Rooth Protective Earpiece for Musicians is a reusable earpiece designed for musicians and music lovers in a concert hall environment. With its patented acoustic filter technology, the Rooth Protective Earpiece is guaranteed to protect the user's hearing while maintaining clarity and vitality in the music and ability to hold conversations at a regular volume. The Rooth Protective Earpiece feature an acoustic filter that gently attenuates the volume equally across the entire frequency range, bringing the listening volume down to a safe level while retaining the fidelity of the listening experience to bring the user a more enjoyable listening experience. Rooth is confident that the Rooth Protective Earpiece is the best set of protective earplug that is currently available on the market.


  • Product Material: Liquid Silicone;
  • Product Diameter: 9-13 mm
  • Lifespan: 12 Months;
  • Maintenance: Washable



Earplugs, aluminum carrying case, standard shell, smaller shell


Advantages of the Protective Earpiece:

The Rooth Protective Earpiece allows for accurate noise reduction while maintaining the desired signals with special filters that can be exchanged and placed into the earpiece for different noise levels and situations. While the earpiece will accurately attenuate the environment's volume level, it allows sounds that an individual will need to be aware of to be heard - sounds such as sirens or the sound of crying.

The ergonomic design of the Rooth Earpiece also ensures a comfortable wearing experience. The silicone material of the earpieces are highly malleable, bringing forth unmatched comfort. With its special "Tri-Layer" design, the earpiece molds to the shape of the user's ear canal, maintaining comfort during prolonged use.

Finally, every Rooth Earpiece goes through a rigorous European CE quality control process and certification to ensure a high standard of quality with highly reliable performance. The earpieces are resistant to tear, flexible, washable, and reusable.

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Rooth Reusable Protective Earplug - 2 pairs