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Free shipping when you spend $150+
Shanling M3s 1.10 Firmware update

Shanling M3s 1.10 Firmware update

Shanling M3s 1.10 Firmware, October 20, 2017


Upgrade content:

1.Fixed the problem of the M3s automatically connecting to Blutooth headsets when Bluetooth is turned off.
2.Fixed the problem of having no sound when playback is restarted from standby mode.
3.Fixed the problem of the progress bar not moving during playback.
4.Fixed system bugs for better user experience.


how to update:

1.Download the latest firmware.

2.Make sure that M3s is in full battery condition, put update.upt into TF card root folder.

3.Choosing “system upgrading” in system setting, after system restarting, here you go!

4.If TF card has been pulled out during updating process, it will show “insert TF Pls”, please insert TF back into your device in order to keep updating.

5.If you could not go on after choosing “system upgrading”, please check whether it has been unzipped, the file has been in root folder, or it has been damaged during the transfer. The firmware must be in the root folder of TF card. If it is damaged, please transfer it into the TF card again.