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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Effect Audio Gaea

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Current price $ 1,104.00

Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs new GAEA Hybrid In Ear Monitor

In a pursuit of extraordinary experiences, Effect Audio has collaborated with Elysian Acoustics Labs to produce an innovative EA take on a hybrid In Ear Monitor.


Technical Specifications (IEM)

- 5 Drivers Hybrid In Ear Monitor (1 Dynamic Driver & 4 Balanced Armatures)

- 4-Ways Crossover system (1 DD x Low, 1 BA x Low-Mid, 1 BA x Mid-High,  2 BA x High )

- DiVe Pass II Dual Ventilation Technology* 

- Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz

- Impedance: 10 ohm @ 1khz

- Sensitivity: 102db/100mV @ 1khz

- THD ≤ 1%

- Proprietary mix for Internal wiring and stock cable by Effect Audio

- Aesthetics (Stablilised wood (wood + resin) for faceplate and cable accessories)

- Spin fit eartips


*This second generation of the DiVe Pass technology eliminates reverberation of the back chamber and provides optimal pressure relief in the front chamber thus reducing driver-flex issues from diaphragm compression. Full bass potential of the dynamic driver is unleashed due to better movement of the diaphragm.


Technical Specifications (Effect Audio Custom Cable)

- Selected Premium UP-OCC Copper Litz

- Selected Premium UP-OCC Silver Plated Copper Litz

- Proprietary Dual Geometric Design

- EPO* 24 AWG 4 Wires

- EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation

- ConX ™  Ready with Pentaconn Ear Interchangeable Connector

- Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Simply captivating

Fast delivery and just as advertised. Thank you. I took a bit of a risk ordering these: I was debating between these and Elysian Diva. Given that my home hifi is built around a Conrad Johnson Tube Amp and Totem speakers, I was not sure these energetic IEMs would suit me. So thankful the gamble paid off. I cannot stop (re)listening my Qobuz playlist. These are intoxicating across all musical genres.

Just the best EVER!

I have put in at least 15 hours of listening to music with my Effect Audio Gaea, and I think that they are as close to perfect as an IEM can get. I am 52 and I think that they are far better then my ears are. Beautiful, feels nice and works great.

sang c.k.
I just love it.

As a collaboration product, it's unique and has no shortage of performance, so it's good to use all around
If you choose one earphone, I recommend Gaia.

Theodore Z.
Awesome Iem and awesome customer service!

This is not the first time I have purchased a high end Iem from MusicTeck and once again, it has been an amazing experience the Gaea is outstanding, with some of the best vocals and upper mids I’ve ever heard a must have for the collection or a solid one and done ✅ 🔥

Kevin S.
Love the Gaea

I agree with Guillermo, the mids and treble are some of the best I have heard as well. The bass is there but not as pronounced as the mids & treble which are the star of the show. I feel like it is a mini Anni (Annihilator 2021) to my ears. Which is one of the best IEM I have ever had a chance to own. The Gaea is close enough that I highly recommend it, and having an Elysian tuned IEM in your collection is always a good thing.