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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+
Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

HiBy RS2

  • HiByOS PureAudio version
  • Touchscreen operation
  • UI Bespoke customized UI
  • Darwin audio architecture
  • R2R technology
  • R2R resistor ladder network linearity compensation
  • Adjustable FIR filter
  • NOS / OS switchable
  • Dedicated audio-grade crystal oscillators
  • Audiophile component selection
  • MQA 8X unfolding
  • PCM 384KHz / DSD256
  • 3.5mm / 4.4mm dual headphone out
  • Dual micro SD card slots
  • Line Out and Coaxial digital output 

HiBy R2 - MusicTeckHiBy R2 - MusicTeckHiBy R2 - MusicTeckHiBy R2 - MusicTeck

HiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy R2 - MusicTeck

HiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeck

HiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy R2 - MusicTeck

HiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeckHiBy RS2 - MusicTeck

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard E.
Digitally based Analog sound quality.

This R2R unit with NOS gets rid of that terrible digital glare that makes modern music sound like something other than what it is intended to sound like. I probably can't even faithfully describe the huge smile I got on my face while listening to this device for the first time. It is like having a really good turntable in your pocket. If you don't like the NOS at first, remember that this unit is also tuned so that OS filters sound as good as they can. Play with the settings, for which there are no meaningful instructions. It is actually pretty easy to customize the sound to your exact preferences. While instructions are severely lacking, the controls are actually fairly easy to learn how to use and apply. I simply cannot recommend highly enough that juicy NOS setting. On some tracks it doesn't sound much different, but especially on older music it can bring about an almost magic transformation into that pure analog sound. On some tracks the sound level gets noticeably louder with NOS enabled. The most likely explanation is that the digital filters used for oversampling is throwing away data. Data that makes the music sound better and gives that organic liquid feel to the music.

Nice little player

I demoed it during CanJam SoCal and I immediately fell in love with it. I was about to buy its bigger brother and due to my use, I will have to postpone my purchase of RS8. But for RS2, it replaced my Sony nw-wm1a as my daily driver outdoors. The R2R is very musical, and the Mids compensated my ier-z1r. A strong recommendation for someone who only play from local file and primarily use shuffle play and the form factor is superior to anything on the market as ultra-portability goes.

Gary T.
HIBY RS2 Darwin

Just great sound, hi-res, dsd, all
beautiful. Eq, parametric eq, fir filter - customize at will. GREAT!

Max H.
HiBy RS2

Little DAP that punches above its weight and cost. R2R for the masses. Very nice bottom end with very controlled fast bloom and good rumble. Mids are nice with little extra weight to the lower mids providing convincing male vocals and guitars that can sound crunchy and textures. Highs are extended but not somnolent or splashy . Nice staging especially front to back . Nice pairing with the EE Legends EVO