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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+


With its hardy construction and intuitive design, the Navigator is a nifty audio tool that sits easily in pockets and bags. It will be your new partner in traversing fresh and familiar sonic landscapes, as well as a powerful companion while exploring new dimensions in your music and gear.

Featuring a captivatingly dynamic and energetic sound signature, an output of 340 mW @ 32 ohms, as well as DSD256 and MQA support — the Navigator effortlessly drives and optimises some of the best top-of-the-line IEMs for portable audio setups.

Pocketable Durability: Built with 6000 Series Aluminium Alloys

Cut with 5-Axis CNC for precision — the Navigator is made of 6000 Series Aluminium: An aluminium-silicone alloy also used in aircraft and marine applications. 6000 Series Aluminium Alloys are known for their stellar strength, and high corrosion resistance.

Boasting an excellent strength-to-weight ratio: The Navigator might just be your perfect, portable partner in audio

Unique, Hardy Design

The Navigator features a robust DAC-AMP design: Merging rigid and flexible elements for optimised ergonomics and functionality — Resulting in an unassumingly powerful DAC-AMP dongle tailored for everyday use.

Built-In Phone Stand

Listen, watch and read your favourite media with the help of Navigator’s built-in phone stands, perfect for sit-downs both outdoors and indoors


Dual DAC
Dual FPGA independent crystal oscillator clocks
Output: 340 mW @32Ω
Supports: MQA 16x Native, PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD256 Native
Up to 110mW @32Ω at 3.5mm
Up to 340mW @32Ω 4.4mm
Integrated Phone Stand

Customer Reviews

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I purchased the Navigator from Musicteck after Chang from Nightjar recommended it in advance of CanJam NYC 24. I have experience with USB DAC/Amp dongles from Cayin, Lotoo, and L & P and have owned a number of DAPs from Sony, Cayin, and iBasso. I record and produce music and have a healthy curiosity for HIFI gear so acquiring a Navigator was an easy choice.

After a week with it connected to my MBP, running Audirvana and driving the the SIngularity and Mezzo LE IEMs, I expect to keep it around for a while. Aesthetically it is a simple, sturdy device with a cool look. There is no display. There is no way to know where you are at with respect to volume throw and no indicator to display the current sample rate. What you get (and pay for) is a rather large audio presentation with weight, strong lower frequency presence, and smooth treble reproduction. It resolves nicely and the stage is wide enough, but this is not a device for analytical listening. The Navigator is tuned to sound big and fun and it appears to have power in reserve to drive most IEMs without compromise. It is well matched to most of my music collection, benefitting rock music from the 70's and 80's. It might not be my first choice for techno or electronic dub if using a warm of neutral tuned IEM, but I don't mind a slightly dark and heavy presentation and that's what I got pairing the Singularity with Navigator... and I found myself listening for hours.

An easy recommendation and one of the most enjoyable sounding USB DAC/Amp dongles I have owned yet.