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    Turii Ti's cable specifications:


    Material: 22awg 5N OCC silver

    Structure:litz type2

    Structure:multiple wire diameter stranding

    Outer skin:DuPont extra soft pvc outer skin

    Plug: OE gold-plated plug

    Splitter and plug sleeve material: titanium alloy



    Mutual Inductance Eliminating Structure

    Ultra-high precision Titanium processing


    Turii ti's shell material: five-axis precision machined CNC titanium alloy+Surface AF coating


    Turii Ti's specifications:


    Impedance: 25 ohms@1KHz (±15%)

    Sensitivity: 118dB/VRMS@1KHz

    Effective frequency response: 20-20KHz

    Frequency response: 8-42KHz THD: <1@1KHZ


    Every turii ti's shell need 72 hour shot blasting process followed by AF plating.


    Titanium turii packaging is paper wrapped in aluminum foil and then covered with matte film,

    Turii Ti's packaging lining material is Italian-made Alcantara, Alcantara is generally used for sports car interiors, and case's lining material is alcantara too.

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