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UM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeckUM Universal MEXT - MusicTeck

UM Custom MEXT

Faceplate and Shell Options in pdf

UM Custom Mext - MusicTeckUM Custom Mext - MusicTeckUM Custom Mext - MusicTeck

Customer Reviews

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The fun cousin

Barring fit issues (the shells are somewhat on the large side), MEXT presents a warm sound with healthy amounts of mid & sub-bass, perfect for your commute. Though not as technically proficient as its MEST brethren, the MEXT instead offers a fun tuning vs the drier sound signatures of the MEST MKI & MKII. MEXT was never meant to compete technically with the MEST series, but was developed as a more ‘fun’ alternative and to showcase the bone conduction driver. MEXT offers a bolder bass. Where the MEST series offers a more sub-bass oriented bass with deeper reach, MEXT has more mid-bass and offers an overall warmer & smoother sound with smoother treble for a fatigue free listen. Outside of the aggressively preformed earloops the PWA cable feels well made with solid hardware.

An amazing sound that excels no matter what the genre.

This review is not technical in nature or very detailed. I will be posting a more detailed review on Head-Fi within the coming week. This review and the one I will be posting on Head-Fi took longer as my experience with the UM MEXT took a dramatic turn after changing from narrow bore to wide bore eartips.

TLDR; The UM MEXT are wonderful. The sound is full, like Floor-standing speaker, full size cans full. Not muddy, or congested. Not shouty or sibilant. Not for bass-heads, or treble-heads, but everyone who wants to truly experience the full spectrum of their music in a whole being kind of way.

PROS: Everything.
CONS: The shells are large. I thankfully have never had to worry about the size of most IEMs and can comfortably wear ones that are deemed too big for others. With the MEXT however, they push against the top of my ears, especially on the left side and so I find them uncomfortable after a couple of hours of listening, which is a shame, as their sound profile is not fatiguing in any way and I could listen for unlimited hours of sonic pleasure.

I've often said that there is a difference between hearing a thing and experiencing it. Between being aware of a thing and feeling it; knowing it deep inside you.

The UM MEXT is not the most technical, revealing, airy, pinpoint-accurate sounding IEM I have ever experienced. The Mext has been described by some as smooth, soft, and warm. I cannot disagree with these observations. Some have stated that the Mext is bass heavy, or bass forward. Again I can see where some might describe them as that.

For me, the UM MEXT is like a gorgeous bottle of red wine, that after having been allowed to breathe, presents it's tannins in a softer, rounder way. Much like the supple mouthfeel and silky smooth body of the wine, the Mext feels full, dense, and chewy, but never muddy or bloated.

The MEXT encourages me not to simply hear or 'taste' the music, but rather go beyond the awareness of what they are presenting, to the feeling; the emotional connection with the music. The MEXT creates an experience.


The UM MEXT has substantial bass. Its low end is quite noticeable but in a cohesive and unified way. The bass never feels as if it is its own character on stage, but rather an integral part of the whole. It feels large and encompassing, yet never overwhelming, or 'bassy'. Some IEMs present bass in a way that sounds as if the bass is separate, like a subwoofer in the corner. The MEXT however, sound as if they are large floor-standing speakers presenting a wall of sound that envelopes the listener.


UM MEXT presents mids that are warm and full. To me, they don't feel recessed all that much, but I wouldn't describe them as forward necessarily. This to me showcases the brilliance of the tuning with the MEXT, as I don't feel that any frequency stands out as being a solo artist in the mix, but rather a vital contributing member of a team that's primary goal is accurately present the music in an engaging and emotional way. I have heard some reviews state that these excel at male vocals and would not be recommended for female vocals. I disagree. I found that female vocals appear silky and full-bodied, rather than thin as some IEMs can present.


Here is where the UM MEXT show their dependency on eartips.
I'll be honest; when I first started my listening after a burn-in of 100+ hours I had a very distinct impression; soft, smooth, and almost veiled in the mid-upper region. Turns out all the tips I was using were medium/narrow bore. The blue core UM tips are a wide bore. With the wide bore and short core tips, the audio opened up in the upper mid and highs to such an extent that I had to throw away my opinions, relisten to all my tracks to make sure I wasn't imagining things and was very pleasantly surprised.

I wouldn't call the highs on the MEXT sparkly or shimmering. I wouldn't describe the MEXT as overly revealing. I also wouldn't describe them as sharp, sibilant, piercing, or fatiguing. The highs don't lack clarity, they also don't dominate the mix, they simply shine in a way that is both engaging and relaxed. I could listen to these for hours and never feel like I am being shouted at. Strings, horns, wind instruments, and hi-hats all appear clear, bright, alive, and at the same time smooth, silky, refined, and altogether pleasant. I am very picky about my highs, demanding that my sound be crisp, open, dynamic, and exciting. The MEXT meets all those requirements with ease.

My primary DAP is the HiBy R6 2020 and the MEXT sounds wonderful through this source. My experience buying from MusicTeck has been the best experience I have ever had from any audio company I have ever dealt with and I cannot recommend them enough.

laurent T.
Um Mext

Super product, good promotion.

Earphone u.
Excellent bass responce, excellent clarity, great set of earphones

As an owner of the MEST, I can't help but compared. The MEXT have a smoother presentation. They also have a more impactful low end, not that the MEST was bad at all in this regard. The MEXT is an excellent all rounder performer in general and well worth the asking price. Trust me, I have a variety of entry level, mid-level and high end earphones, as I am a hobbyist. These are excellent and worth the price.