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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

PMG Audio Apx SE

Following the success of Apx Amber Edition, we decided to create a new version of Apx. This revision is based on feedback gathered from customers who liked the Apx Amber but wished for some small changes.

The new Apx SE (Stone Edition) comes in an eye-catching combination of real Lapis Lazuli-Brass hybrid stone, hand-painted blue-gold housing complemented by tri-brid cable with dual shielding.

We redeveloped high-frequency BA drivers, which combined with changes in crossover to both high BA and the round Planar Speaker reduced region between 4-10kHz, while improving and extending 10-20kHz output.

Apx SE features:

  • 11 drivers: 1 rectangular planar super low, 1DD 10 mm low, 2BA low mid, 2BA mid, 2BA upper mid and high, 2BA high, 1 round planar ultra-high (all drivers are custom built to PMG Audio's spec);
  • True 7-way passive crossover;
  • Flat Impedance technology;
  • Quad-brid configuration; 
  • Unique Lapis Lazuli+Brass hybrid stone faceplate;
  • Imp 5 Ohm ±1 Ohm;
  • SPL 107dB @1kHz;
  • Response 3Hz-22kHz;
  • Gold Plated Silver+Silver+Silver Copper Alloy cable with Silver Alloy and Copper dual shielding; 2.5, 3.5, 4.4 mm connectors, 0.1 Ohm resistance;
  • New leather multi-function suitcase; 
  • New metal case;
  • 2-Year Warranty;
  • Universal fit only.

Apx SE is still as effortless as its predecessor, bringing great tonal balance and clarity to music without any limit of stage capacity, delivering enveloping, textured, and layered image, with sound signature catering to wide audience.

This edition will be limited to only 100 production sets worldwide.