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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Vision Ears VE 8 (Universal) – Signature Design

The new universal In-Ear is featuring an outstanding signature design and a surprisingly good fit for an earphone that is not custom fitted. Thanks to VE's long-time experience as a custom manufacturer, VE were able to design a universal shell which fits comfortably and safe to almost every ear.The signature design of our VE 8 is a composition of a green transparent shell and all new Northern Lights faceplate. The look of this faceplate is a breathtaking eye-catcher.

The material is made of multiple polymer layers which change colors depending on the angle of view. The manufacturer of this patented material has developed this difficult manufacturing process over years and already won two awards for this outstanding material design. A spectacular play of colors which emblazes our legendary VE 8.

VE 8

The VE8 sound wise is a true mastermind. Eight balanced armature drivers per side are powering this system, giving it an overall perfect symbiosis of engagement and unparalleled precision. Before we had the VE8, we never experienced that an earphone can make so many people smile when listening to it for the first time. Not for nothing the VE8 won two awards and is frequently taken as reference for sound discussions in forums.

The bass of this model is slightly emphasized, giving it a very warm and emotional sound. The lows are deep in tone and overall with a very natural texture. The Mids have an extraordinary harmonic structure, giving you loads of versatile detail which makes you feel music come alive. The high frequencies are crystal clear, rich of detail but overall smooth.
All this is combined with an exceptional open stereo image which is giving you outstanding precision and musicality.

VE8 - Balanced to perfection!

Technical configuration:

3-way system — 2 x Bass - 2 x Mids - 4 x Highs


Drums - Bass - Vocals - Guitar - Keys - Mix


Wide sound stage, high resolution with engaging musicality, balanced sound signature


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marvin T.
Music Nirvana

I previously owned the Shure SE535 IEMs and was content with them. After years of use, I had to replace my 535s only because one earphone needed repairs, and it got lost in the mail when shipped to Shure for repairs. I mainly use earphones while at a gym and occasionally at home. While high-end IEMs is not a hobby of mine, I was willing to splurge a bit and give a higher quality IEM a try. I was looking for something that was well-made and that would last for years. I was not interested in hopping from one pair to the next latest and greatest months later. Of most importance to me was an all-around musical IEM that I would love listening to for hours on end, if need be. My taste is definitely feeling over details. With that in mind, after months of research I decided to go with the Vision Ears VE8s, and I’m glad I did! I wasn’t planning on going from $500 IEMs to $2K+ IEMS, but as of now, they seem like a worthy investment. On my first listen, I instantly realized the difference in sound. These earphones are so many levels above anything I’ve ever heard before. What really stands out to me is the clarity, tuning coherency, and smooth treble. With previous earphones, I could only listen to them for so long or only up to a certain volume before getting annoyed with the treble. I absolutely love the sound of my VE8s and couldn’t be happier. I also couldn’t be happier with the service from Andrew and MusicTeck. Andrew promptly answered all of my questions, provided guidance on which IEMs to narrow my list down to, and ultimately recommended the VE8s. BTW, they also look amazing and fit perfectly. I did, however, switch the tips that came with the VE8s (Spin Fits) to Final Audio tips. There is nothing wrong with the Spin Fits, but I find the Final Audio tips seal and stay in place better during physical activity.

Lewis T.
Stunning in all senses of the word...

An absolutely beautiful IEM to behold both visually and audibly (even to my preferences visually than my set of Odin which are stunning in themselves). A warm, engulfing signature with the technical chops to give some of the big boys a run for their money (looking at you U12t). What sets the VE8 apart is its excellent PRaT, an emotive and intricate midrange and a very easy to love signature. I would take this off the sterile and somewhat boring (to my ears) U12t any day.... plus if you don't find you don't like how they sound, you can always use them as some sort of ornament or jewellery 🤷🏻‍♂️

Kenneth K.

The review title, was my reaction upon listening to them, and yes they are wow! I can't come up with more words. This is the most coherent and clear sounding of my iem. Superb detail and space. Plus they look awesome. Do give them a try!!