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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+
Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Astral Acoustics Reference Silver

The Astral Reference Silver is a lightweight, ergonomic audio cable for monitoring usage or people who want a neutral and transparent sound.
- Clean, transparent sound
- Enhancing resolution, separation, and clarity without introducing brightness
- Great extension on lows and highs
- Extracting the purest sound and technicalities without adding extra colour.
Material: 4x 23.5 AWG Type 6 Litz 5n Silver
Length: 120cm
Like most silver cables, the Reference Silver is very soft.
Build time: 5 days with 50hrs+ burn in
3 Year Warranty



When you want to extract the cleanest tonal and technical performance without addition of any extra colour - Twister6

Comes with premium TA4 Titanium accessories.
(higher grade titanium than the iPhone 15pro max!)
This is a very neutral but also a very dynamic sounding one - Headfonics

It doesn’t add any “colour” to the sound. Instead, both the low and highs has got much better extension - Wei