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Effect Audio Chiron: Nova

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Effect Audio Chiron: Nova

In collaboration with Astell&Kern and Vision Ears, we customized a cable specific to the VISION EARS X Astell&Kern AURA. Starring a blend of UP-OCC pure Copper wires and pure Silver and pure Copper hybrid wires, the cable shines through with lush and warm tones, further using conductive materials to emphasize clarity, a match made in heaven for the AURA. The AURA itself features rich, emotional mids whilst maintaining a pristine level of clarity. But this was not enough. We went further, creating something that did not just complement the AURA but goes on to enhance and improve upon it.

 Chiron: NOVA comes with ConX Full Set

The Charismatic Luminary

The wisest and justest of all the centaurs, CHIRON now departs from Mt. Pelion in search of a deeper metaphysical truth. He scours the galaxy in an attempt to bolster his intelligence and wisdom, acquiring deeper knowledge about the very fabric of reality. 

Our unique bespoke option embodies this concept of exploring and searching for a deeper truth. The custom selection of pure Copper and Silver hybrid complements Vision Ears’ House Sound with a precise and emotional sound. The inclusion of CHIRON will add a tinge of its signature intensity and superior technical competency, with beautifully extended highs where each detail is meticulously presented with accuracy.

The gravitational pull of this beautiful combination will draw you in like a black hole. Are you ready to peer beyond the cosmic web with the CHIRON: NOVA?

  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material
  • Gold-Plated Silver / Gold-Plated Silver Gold Alloy Hybrid
  • Pure Copper / Pure Silver Hybrid
  • 26AWG & 24AWG 8 Wires
  • Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
  • Multi-Sized Stranding
  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation
  • Titanium Shelled TermX ®️ Interchangeable Plug
  • Titanium Shelled ConX ®️ Interchangeable Connector

Customer Reviews

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A cable that brings out the maximum potential of AK AURA

I think AK AURA's stock cable NOVA is also a good cable, but I think this CHIRON NOVA is a cable that far surpasses it. To be more specific, I feel that all bands have been upgraded one step further and the sound has become thicker. It can be said that the sound becomes more profound, and the texture and volume of the bass is especially wonderful. Please try combining it with AK AURA. I think it will bring out the maximum potential of AK AURA.