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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

MASS-Kobo Model 465 Balance Headphone Amp

This model465 adopts the independent left and right power, twin balance monaural.

A clean, stress-free sound that does not feel the presence of the amp is a sound appropriate for a flagship model.

The output of this amplifier is balanced output 3.5 W + 3.5 W (32 Ω load).

Input is Balanced XLR 3 pin and Unbalanced RCA.

Reference input levels of Balanced are + 4 dBm / - 10 dBm selectable.

If you connect a device with an unbalanced output to a balanced input, the output will not be balanced.

Connect devices with unbalanced output to the RCA input terminals.


Model: Full-balanced stereo headphone amp
Input : Balance = Electronically Balanced XLR3 x2 , Unbalanced = RCA x2
Output : Balance = XLR4-31 x 1 or XLR3-31 x 2(L,R) , Unbalance = φ6.3 TRS
Input Impedance : Balance = 3.7kOhm(XLR) , Unbalance = 20kOhm(RCA)
Reference Input Level : Balance = +4dBm/-10dBm (Selectable) , Unbalance = -10dBm
Maximum Input Level : balance = +30dBm , Unbalance = +20dBm
Maximum Output Level (P-P) : Balance = 32V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)Unbalance = 22V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
 (RMS): Balance = 10.7V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%) Unbalance = 7.4V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Maximum Output without Distortion : Balance = 3.8W+3.8W , Unbalance =1.8W+1.8W (with 32 ohm load, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Frequency Characteristics : 10Hz - 100kHz (-0.5dB) , 17Hz-50KHz(-0.2dBm)
Power Supply : AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz Electric Energy Consumption : 0.9A (with AC100V)
Size: 330mmW x 247mmD x 104mmH (Knob, projecting part of connector not included )
Weight: 6.1kg (without the power cable)