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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Noble Spartacus 6-Driver Hybrid Universal IEMs

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Original price $ 1,799.00
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Original price $ 1,799.00
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Current price $ 1,439.00

Noble Spartacus 6-Driver Hybrid Universal IEMS

Spartacus is a completely Sonion driver product designed by Noble. The two Sonion bone conductor are attached to the housings, thus increasing the whole tuning, especially the bass and improving the resolution significantly.

The faceplate is organic amber material and the housings are amber to match the amber effect of the faceplate.

A flagship building mancrafts with more affordable prices to more Noble fans.


  • Ultra High: 1x Sonion BA
  • High+Mid-high: 2x Sonion Bone Conductor
  • Mid-Bass: 1x Sonion BA
  • Bass+Ultra Bass: 2x Sonion BA


  • 2023 Standard Cable - 0.78mm 2 pin
  • OCC and Silver plated OCC wires
  • Switchable plugs with 2.5, 3.5 and 4.4 options


  • 1 pair of Spartacus IEM
  • 1 cable with 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm plugs
  • 1 Nanuk Box
  • 12 pairs of ear tips
  • 2 Noble Audio Bands
  • 1 Noble Crown sticker
  • 1 Warranty Card


Noble Spartacus - musicteck


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John B.
The spectacular Spartacus!

Wow! What a surprise. I’ve been a fan of all BA designs, so I thought I’d give this set a try. The most notable area of performance is the sub-bass with its weight and texture. Truly outstanding for a BA set. Lots of detail retrieval and sparkle. 👍

Osvald G.
Dynamic Greatness!!

Prior to ordering the Noble Audio Spartacus, my humble rotation consisted of the MEST MK2 and the IKKO 0H10's, listening mostly to orchestral music and EDM. I found myself listening more to the $200 0H10's then the MEST MK2's and realized I prefer a more fun, bassy-dynamic sound signature when listening to music, so I decided to potentially upgrade to a mid/hi-fi dynamic/fun IEM and ask Andrew for his suggestion since we all know he's the best! He recommended the Spartacus and I pulled the trigger.

After 50+ hours of listening to music with the Spartacus, I can only say WOW! Being my first non-dynamic-driven IEM, I am truly impressed with the wizardry Noble pulled off with such a delicious BA-Bass response. The sub-bass, which i lean towards, rumbles when it needs to and is quite present and quick on the Spartacus. overall, to my ears, the lows are noticeably more present in the Spartacus than in the MEST mk2, while the OH10's bass rumbles a bit more but at the cost of slower/muddier bass response and not nearly as refined mids. The Spartacus has a slightly warmer and forward mid-response compared to the MEST mk2, whereas the MEST mk2 present with slightly better upper treble. Where I find the Spartacus shines, is in the fun and dynamic presentation of music, at least compared to the MEST mk2. WHile the OH10 is also fun and dynamic, my ears now prefer the quicker and refined bass that the Spartacus provides. For an IEM, the sound stage is also impressively wide where I would find the MEST mk2 to be deeper, but both are excellent in this regard. I use the iFi Micro iDSD amp/dac and have to turn the "xbass" off during certain tracks while using the Spartacus, the bass is that good.

The accessories that come with the Spartacus are befitting of an IEM that cost $1800. The stock cable is excellent, albeit slightly heavy ( I prefer the Effect Audio Ares S) and I appreciate the ability to switch out connectors. The IEM's themselves are on the larger side but I can go up to 3 hours without discomfort, likewise the MEST MK2 (universal) never gave my ears any discomfort problems.

Overall, If you enjoy a fun and dynamic IEM with excellent sub-bass, then the Spartacus is a no brainer. I honestly haven't touched my MEST mk2 or my 0H10's since Ive had the Spartacus. A special thanks to Andrew for his immaculate service and wisdom!

Frank K.
A Listening Pleasure!

After around 10 hours of ear time these little beauties found the sweet spot.
At first there was a little muddiness low mids to lows.

Now, WOW!!!

Incredible Soundstage s wide and spacious, lows are deep with a lot of punch.
Mids are nice and warm.
Hghs are crisp, clear without listening fatigue.
The vocals are incredible!

Best decision I have made with the Spartacus.