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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Oriolus Szalayi (new faceplate)

Original price $ 890.00 - Original price $ 905.00
Original price
$ 890.00
$ 890.00 - $ 905.00
Current price $ 890.00

Oriolus Szalayi

Oriolus Szalayi - MusicTeck

Oriolus Szalayi - MusicTeck

Body Material 3D Printing Photopolymer
Transducer Type(per CH) BA Driver*1
14mm Plane Diaphragm Driver*1
10mm Dynamic Driver*1
Sensitivity 110dB/mW
Freq. Response 10Hz~40kHz
Impedance 10Ω
Cord High grade pure OFC with silver-plated
Plug Type 4.4mm Balanced
Accessories Silicone Eartips(S M L 2-flange-M)
Foam Eartips(S M)
cord clip
cleaning tool

※Accessories will be changed without any prior announcement

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bob M.
Oriolus Szalayi smoother than a bird’s feathers

I do not in anyway consider myself a bass head but with Andrew’s advice of a more bass oriented tuning, I decided to purchase the Oriolus Szalayi and boy am I glad I did. They give my music library a whole new rich and smooth sound. I’ve already listened for hours and hours and don’t get that tiring effect that other iem’s can have! One word of caution…you need something strong to drive these and bring out their true beautiful tones. Thanks for your help and recommendations Andrew.

Bob D.C.
Fun to listen to!

I find these very comfortable, I use the large silicone tips that came with.
The only other IEM’s I own are Kinera Nanna 2. I think both have good detail and a wide soundstage. The Szalayi emphasize bass more than the Kinera’s. Vocal’s are especially good with the Szalayi. I find myself tapping my toes and drumming my fingers listening to the Szalayi. Very pleased with the purchase. MusicTeck service was excellent.

very nice iem

szalayi, who has a unique composition and makes a fantastic sound, is my favorite iem these days

Patrick V.
Oriolus Szalayi

The Oriolus Szalayi is one of the best IEMs I have ever heard. I liked them alot more than my Noble Audio Sultan. I would highly recommend these to everyone!!

Believe the Hype

There is something intoxicating about a dynamic driver and a planar driver, really sounds fantastic. They need power too shine tho. Stock cable is excellent.