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TIMSOK TS-316 Single Dynamic In-Ear Reference Headphone

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TIMSOK TS-316 Single Dynamic In-Ear Reference Headphone


Model: TS-316
Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic Driver
Sensitivity: 102.5db 1KHz
Frequency Range: 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance: 32Ω
Cable: 1.25M / OCC
Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
Plug: 4.4mm Balanced
Adapter: 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm Male


TIMSOK was founded in 2018. The founder and partners all have more than 20 years of experience in the acoustic industry. TIMSOK has provided drivers and tuning solutions to many famous brands in recent years. Also, TIMSOK has many patents on the planar magnetic units and the dynamic units. And the planar patent is the initiative in the world.

In 2021, TIMSOK released the first reference-level planar headphone, TS-1024, which gained an excellent reputation overseas. The TS-316 in this show is a true Flagship Killer IEM. It can easily play almost any music style. It's also a playback tool that allows you to forget the equipment and go back to the music itself.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Leonard A.
      TIMSOK TS-316 my new favorite single DD

      High quality metal build
      Small and comfortable shells
      Resolving and energetic sound
      Good dynamics
      Fast and deep bass
      Clear and open midrange
      Well extended and detailed treble
      Soundstage larger than average
      Nice packaging and accessories

      Upper mids is forward, but also great for detail
      Could have liked longer nozzles
      White cable stains more easy and is slightly microphonic
      Metal shells get scratches or fingerprints easy

      I have truly enjoyed my time with TS-316, it is both musical and technical. It has enough warmth to the body to balance the energetic upper range, in return you get a successful formula that can take music with excellence. Musicteck has taken in a very solid IEM here, both the quality of the IEM and the sound is more than worth its price.

      Easy 5star for the money.

      TIMSOK TS-316

      😊 Build quality, metal shells have some weight to them, but are on the smaller side of medium and fit my ears well. (Subjective)
      😊 Upscale packaging with nice accessory complement.
      😊 Classy looking 4.4mm, 2 pin, fabric wrapped OCC copper cable.
      4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter included.
      😊 Warmer, balanced sound signature.
      😊 Natural tonality and timbre.
      😊 Nice note weight.
      😊 Warm smooth bass.
      😊 Smooth mids.
      😊 Bright, airy upper mids and treble.

      😔 Ear pieces are fingerprint magnets.
      😔 Fabric wrap on cable prone to micro-phonics. (a consideration for those who are active while listening)
      😔 Bass would benefit with a bit more definition and texture.
      😔 Enough detail to warrant “reference” designation??

      -TIMSOK TS-316 Reference IEM, aged 120+ hours.
      -Astell & Kern SP2000T, OP amp mode, 4.4mm out.
      -Stock 4.4mm OOC copper cable.
      -Sedna Xelastec wide bore ear tips.
      *I prefer TS-316 on a more resolving source device.

      -Bass is thick and warm and it carry’s that warmth across the head space.
      Playing a dedicated sub bass test track, TS-316 pulls reasonably low with a nice rumble, but playing random tracks from my catalogue the bass presents somewhat one dimensional and “boomy with authoritative thump”.
      It’s an enjoyable, somewhat analog sounding bass, but I feel it would benefit if it had more texture and better definition between sub and mid bass.

      -Mids are warmed and smoothed by the bass, but they rise through and present with good detail and clarity. They are neither forward nor elevated to much degree. Bass fills the gaps in the mids making the stage feel more intimate than expansive.

      -Highs start to roll off early, most of the top end energy is in the upper mids.
      Instruments like electric guitar, flute, and violin sacrifice some of there very top end bite. A blessing perhaps for the treble sensitive, treble fans may be left wanting.
      Cymbals and high hats do manage a recovery and add a dose of sparkle and air.

      Head stage:
      -Fills the head space, but is pretty much confined to within the head.
      It’s close, intimate, and warm, but clean and clear enough to allow for decent imaging and layering.

      For me the TS-316 has a touch of old school analog nostalgia. It offers a warm, smooth, and most often relaxed, listening experience.

      I do, however, question if the “Reference” designation is qualified.
      I don’t find the technical prowess of the TS-316 to be at the reference level.

      I find TS-316 a very enjoyable IEM for late night, or anytime chill listening.
      It has a nice meaty note weight that works well with most genres that don’t demand extreme detail playback.

      My library is a blend of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rap, R&B, Electronic, Country, and Acoustic.
      TS-316 worked well will all other than some Jazz and Electronic tracks that demand highly technical detail reproduction.

      Christi H.
      Stunning Looks, Excellent DD Sound!

      No matter how many IEMs I purchase and at what price point, my favorites always seem to be single DDs. I love the smooth, cohesive sound and the vintage organic "feel". The Timsok TS-316 is no different! I haven't put it down since it arrived.

      The shell is gorgeous (although a fingerprint magnet), the weight is noticeable in the hand but not in the ears, and it is smaller than I thought - very, very comfortable. The unboxing experience is quite premium, the cable is different but nice, it does have some memory retention, however. The included tips were of a good quality, I did, however, use a set of divinus velvet tips size medium. The 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter and the IEM "booties" are a nice addition.

      The sound is amazing: I'd say it is a "W" shaped signature. The bass is impactful and deep, the mids are clear and quite detailed, the treble has some nice sparkle but is never harsh. The overall detail is nice. The tone and timbre are natural and smooth and the soundstage is larger than anticipated and even holographic on some tracks. Really well done.

      A sweet package from a relatively new brand!