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    UM 3D Terminator 3DT - MusicTeck

    UM 3D Terminator 3DT

    $ 319.00 $ 399.00

    Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT


    Inner Structure

    Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT

    3D Explosive View:Tri-Dynamic Design, Concise Structure, Maximum Space Utilization.

    We utilized 3D printed technology for 3DT’s inner structure. In that way, we optimized the sound transition and further reduced the unwilling distortion. Each dynamic driver equipped with an independent tunnel, each driver is tuned separately and precisely with our newest tuning technique. Ultimately the sound is much more coherent, image and synergy are also significantly improved.



    MaterialSelected Stabilized Wood

    Special CraftPigments and resins are mixed in a specific proportion and filled into the log.

    AppearanceHas more coloration layers than traditional resin shells.

    ExclusivenessExclusive design.

    We applied CNC technology to design the curvy silhouette for the shells. The curve design is ergonomic, and the delicate design is close to the contour of the ear canal.



    3DT utilized three dynamic drivers: Dual Compound Diaphragms Drivers for Bass (7mm+7mm) plus 10mm CNT Driver for Mids and Treble. We brought the authentic dynamic bass along with stunning transparency and clarity. With this driver combination, we provide the classic dynamic flavor with enhanced technical performance to the audience. The sound signature leans towards relaxing and refined with uplifting treble and ultra-highs.

    Affordable but not Cheap

    I don’t want to use the word “cheap” on 3DT, but it is truly affordable—the most affordable IEMs from UM, period. At $399 you will get much more than what the price indicated. Every 3DT is fully handcrafted by our experienced crafters.

    Besides the fantastic sound quality and build quality, we also provided a very useful accessory package.

    Just like our other products, we equipped a great Italian PU leather case made by Dignis for 3DT. We added a premium SPC cable in this package too.

    Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT


    Driver Counts: Three Drivers

    SPL: @1KHz 113dB

    Impedance: 25.4Ω

    FR: 20Hz-20KHz

    Driver Type: Three Independent Dynamic Drivers

    Driver Configuration: 2 Bass Drivers+1 Mids-Treble Driver

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Euan B.
    Very Energetic, Punchy, Clean Sounding IEM

    Was interested in the driver config and how it would sound/deal with rock and metal genres. It's a really energetic and punchy IEM that deals with metal genres very well, and also sounds very clean and clear. It's a great complimentary IEM for my modest collection.
    Also need to express my thanks to Musicteck for fantastic customer service and responsiveness to my emails, and the unbelievably fast shipping from US to UK (ordered on Mon and was delivered to me on Wed).

    Lee U.
    Just getting to know

    Site carries reputable iems

    Mark R.
    Punchy dynamic!

    These IEMs have a great dynamic sound, good timbre and somewhat forward mid-range which is great for guitar crunch, yet they remain versatile for other genres. These are quite fun and dynamic for an engaging listen versus a sometimes flat/calm sound in mid-tier tri-brids. These are a great compliment to those to have some variety in your listening options. In stock form, the bass is a bit behind the mids and treble. Using these with an 30 ohm impedance adapter transforms these adding punchy low end, maintains the great mids and softens a bit of the top end (I'd say I'm treble sensitive). They're good without an adapter too, but really fun with an adapter.

    Andrew V.
    Fantastic B2 Competitors

    Not sure why there isn't more love for these little gems. They sound terrific with accurate timbre from the all-DD construction. The biggest difference between these and other IEMs I've tried is that these sound as though you are truly experiencing the music, rather than just listening to it. Despite the bass-leaning FR curve, I found that I've had to tweak up the sub-100Hz frequencies a dB or two to match my sound preferences. Aside from that, the 3DTs are sonically excellent, clarity is well above average, and the soundstage is broad. I'd consider these to be the benchmark in this price range. Couldn't be happier.

    Allen B.
    Detail, separation, and clarity

    Provides unusual degree of presence, like sitting close to a live performance. Great instrument detail and separation, with clarity and lovely timbre in highs, mids, and lows. Male and female vocals sound great, with mild sibilance in some female vocals. Beautiful IEMs.

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