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UM 3D Terminator 3DT - MusicTeck

UM 3D Terminator 3DT

$ 319.00 $ 399.00

Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT


Inner Structure

Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT

3D Explosive View:Tri-Dynamic Design, Concise Structure, Maximum Space Utilization.

We utilized 3D printed technology for 3DT’s inner structure. In that way, we optimized the sound transition and further reduced the unwilling distortion. Each dynamic driver equipped with an independent tunnel, each driver is tuned separately and precisely with our newest tuning technique. Ultimately the sound is much more coherent, image and synergy are also significantly improved.



MaterialSelected Stabilized Wood

Special CraftPigments and resins are mixed in a specific proportion and filled into the log.

AppearanceHas more coloration layers than traditional resin shells.

ExclusivenessExclusive design.

We applied CNC technology to design the curvy silhouette for the shells. The curve design is ergonomic, and the delicate design is close to the contour of the ear canal.



3DT utilized three dynamic drivers: Dual Compound Diaphragms Drivers for Bass (7mm+7mm) plus 10mm CNT Driver for Mids and Treble. We brought the authentic dynamic bass along with stunning transparency and clarity. With this driver combination, we provide the classic dynamic flavor with enhanced technical performance to the audience. The sound signature leans towards relaxing and refined with uplifting treble and ultra-highs.

Affordable but not Cheap

I don’t want to use the word “cheap” on 3DT, but it is truly affordable—the most affordable IEMs from UM, period. At $399 you will get much more than what the price indicated. Every 3DT is fully handcrafted by our experienced crafters.

Besides the fantastic sound quality and build quality, we also provided a very useful accessory package.

Just like our other products, we equipped a great Italian PU leather case made by Dignis for 3DT. We added a premium SPC cable in this package too.

Unique Melody 3D Terminator 3DT


Driver Counts: Three Drivers

SPL: @1KHz 113dB

Impedance: 25.4Ω

FR: 20Hz-20KHz

Driver Type: Three Independent Dynamic Drivers

Driver Configuration: 2 Bass Drivers+1 Mids-Treble Driver

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Goldilocks IEM

Great all-rounder! Outstanding timbre and tonality, great technicalities, if it only had a bit more air and sparkle at the very top it would be TOTL no doubt.

Incredible value for money!

This is my second purchase from MusicTeck - the first being the recently released UM MEST Mkii. Both orders arrived in the UK within 72hours of dispatch (which Andrew typically manages same day)! Absolutely wonderful service that can't be faulted.

Having recently brought the MEST MKii which has its own unique (excuse the pun) sound signature that is great for various genres of music that emphasise the 'grand', I was looking for a more forward mids section and a more intimate soundstage, preferably with great timbral accuracy for acoustic / vocal, the more 'intimate' performances. I also didn't want to spend as much as I had done on the MEST Mkii (which is definitely worth the cost by the way) and wanted an IEM I could take out and about with me.

I happened upon the 3DT purely by chance in the 'sales' section of MusicTeck for a very tempting price! After a quick bit of research I found the driver type and config, frequency response and general feedback fit with exactly what I was after!

I have zero regrets with this purchase. Fit is comfortable and secure. I have swopped out the stock cable for a thicker copper cable and paired with my M8 DAP it produces some real magic. There is some strength in the upper mids / lower treble that might be grating to some, but tip changes can help with this to some degree as can appropriate source pairing. Thankfully I don't find it an issue at all with my setup.

This IEM has unbeatable timbre - it is so very life like and is simply a joy to listen to. I haven't heard quality in this price range before and I've sampled quite a few at this level.

MEST Mkii + 3DT is a wonderful complement to each other and exactly what I was looking!

Thankyou MusicTeck!

Greatest value for money IEM

After a month I can say that these 3DT are absolutely amazing. I use the mainly to listen to prog metal and other metal subgenres that requires speed and technical skills. These IEMs have the organic and punch of the dynamic drivers with the speed of the all BA IEMs without having any BA. In this price range it is a must have imho.

Great sounding IEM!!

Sound is very clear, detailed and pleasant, with tastefully elevated sub-bass. Top tier resolution, imaging, instrument placement & separation
At this price range you won't find anything better than this period. Shells are comfortable. Very Happy that I got this great set


Very good headphones.I have a Nible M3 too with three dynamic drivers.They are twice as expensive considering the price of UM to date. UM 3D wins across the entire range.The sound is clear and transparent,the bass is deep and rich.The midrange is not swamped,and the upper frequencies are not too sharp.Everything is very balanced.At this price, it's a godsend.Andrew arranged for the headphones to be shipped on the day of purchase.I am very happy with this store and its products.

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