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PWAudio First Times with Shielding

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First Times

Jacket Material : soft pvc and Morandi dark blue nylon jacket
Conductor Material : Copper
Conductor Gauge: 26.5AWG
Number of Conductors : 4

•New flagship of flagship series.
•Base on Orpheus cable structure as the cable design.
•Use a new type of copper as a conductor which we studied about 9 months for testing and recording a result.
•Sound natural with details, good dynamic with enchanting vocal and a big soundstage like open headphone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I’m satisfied with FTS. It has depth and sounds great in both treble and bass.

Pw audio first time shielding

just an incredible cable, excellent quality built. Sound is phenomenal with the magic of shielding. but it can't be much better with wonderful service from Andrew. Thanks. Randy

magic cable

Excellent cable. Unfortunately, I don't know how to describe my musical sensations, but this cable has greatly improved the sound of my headphones. Many write that a good cable improves the sound by 10 percent, in my opinion this cable improved the sound in all respects by at least a quarter.
There were some difficulties with the shipment, but Andrew and I overcame them, it's a pleasure to work with him

Frosting on the cake!

I'm using the First Times Shielding with my Oriolus Traillii. I also have the unshielded First Times, so I was able to compare the two. I don't know what the magic is, but the first thing I notice is that the Shielding version definitely adds a more dynamic presence to the mid bass and lower mids, giving the overall soundstage more depth, and sq a more natural timbre, while keeping the detail and coherency that the Traillii is known for. It is an expensive cable, but it definitely makes a beautiful improvement to the overall texture, staging, and timbre of the Traillii. IMO.