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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Empire Ears LEGEND EVO


Dual W9+ Subwoofers

Five Precision Balanced Armatures

Weapon X Bone Conduction Ultra Driver

9-Way synX Crossover Network

Dual Conduction Architecture

ARC Resonance Mitigation Technology

Impedance: 4.5 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 5Hz-35kHz

Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

Empire X PWAudio "GENESIS" Ultra Pure OCC Copper Cable, 4.4 Pentaconn Termination

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Legendary Evolution

I held off on upgrading from the Legend X for 2 years now trying to figure out if it was worth the jump based on FR alone absent the ability to audition the units in person...

That was a mistake.

The Legend Evo is an absolute upgrade over the Legend X not merely for those of us chasing the summit of good, voluminous, textured, thumping bass but for a unit that grants all of that and more. The veil of detail is lifted with the Evo and you can utilize them for any genre, not just exclusively the domain of hip hop and electronic music.

As for EE's other offerings... if you want detail get the Odin... if you want to ge done worrying get the Raven (mk2).

Claud R.W.
Bass done right

A rated bass and very good mids. Great iems for pop , country and rock

ted k.
It Sounds Huge

just into 3rd hour of burning in, so this is just partial, just a glimpse of what is going to be revealed after proper burn in. sofar, everything so good with sound quality ticked in for me. so, ill just have to be quick. all that i will not mention, i consider excellent.
bass - huge, but not overwhelming for me. doesnt bleed to blunt the mids and highs. just that reverberation, rumble that i havent heard yet from my experience, just now. it is ever present, up and down, left and right, and in front and back.
sibilance - not at all. smooth. just right for my ears.
black background - i could hear details, dynamics, spaces in between.. considering that i have tinnitus. it's the Bone Conduction driver working its way. have yet to listen at lower volumes for further observations and surprises.
the legend evo is indeed a breakthrough.

Fabián B.
Legend EVO, a beautiful shaking experience.

At this time you know about the deep bass capability of Legend EVO. But there is more, Evo it’s a wonderful IEM with high end technicalities as resolution, 3D soundstage and amazing image.

My top qualities of Evo are:
• Natural timbre
• Superb detail retrieval on all FR
• Tasty textures thanks to Bone Conduction Driver
• And for sure, a shaky bass that turns music into an experience

Compared to my Anole VX and 64 audio Fourté, Evo are enjoyable experience. VX are so delicate and precise on mids with a textured bass. Fourté is a journey to treble paradise. And Evo, a wonderful combination of natural timbre in mids with an unmatched bass response. If would have the treble air of Fourté, would be perfect for my taste.

Maybe I’m on honeymoon, but Evo it’s an addictive IEM, VX and Fourté are jealousy waiting on their boxes.

Anfernee Z.
The Legend series is getting a huge update.

Empire Ears Legend EVO, as a derivative of the Legend series, well inherits the previous Legend's tuning style and has a very powerful bass. But with Odin's success, Empire found the right path, one that would lead them to success. EVO's cable is PWAudio, copper cable better interprets bass, more detail and layering, plus bone conduction unit compensation, is an excellent IEM, especially for pop music.