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Free US domestic shipping when you spend $150+

Elysian Diva 2023 / 4.4mm

Original price $ 1,599.00 - Original price $ 1,599.00
Original price
$ 1,599.00
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Current price $ 1,599.00
Color: Obsidian Black

Elysian Diva 2023

Meet DIVA, a uniquely Elysian take on industry trending lows, mids and highs tuning that audiophiles prefer and are familiar with. Take a dip into Elysian waters with our entry level DIVA and unlock an IEM that is both versatile and technically competent. Packed with 6 Balanced Armatures and a tuneable bass switch, users can select between three levels of bass for the best synergy with different music and listening preferences.

Powerful vocal abilities, confident stage composure, inherent star potential - these are traits characteristic of a typical diva. One that is easily likable and sure to win many hearts over. Tag along DIVA and let her show you her world, one that is filled with glamor and extravagance. 

Diva 2023 Technical Specifications

- 6 Balanced Armature Drivers
- 4 way Crossover
- 3 way bass rotating switch
- Frequency response 20hz-18khz
- Sensitivity 100db @ 100mV @ 1khz
- Impedence 4ohms @ 1khz
- Liquid links Conti 7N OCC copper

2023 Upgrades:

- Generation 2 crossover PCB circuit
- Upgraded new Stainless Steel Material
- Internal Wiring Upgrade
- New custom strand UPOCC Copper and Silver Litz material
- Aesthetic uplift
- New Packaging Design
- Synergistically paired with Effect Audio Signature Series Ares S

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

End game iem for almost every genre of music.


My go to for vocals. Definitely glad I finally decided to pick this one up, will definitely be a main stay


Easily an end game iem. There’s a grandeur that I haven’t heard before. My first iem over $1k and it’s so worth it. Bass hits very hard for an all BA set. Vocals are forward and incredibly clean. Treble is sparkly and very detailed

Louis M.
Elysian Diva

The reviewers are correct in their statements regarding the sweet vocals coming out of these. Surprisingly, though, for a balanced armature device the bass is good.

maria f.

Elysian Diva, incredible iem, powerful bass but very detailed, soft highs, and its silky, real mids, total enjoyment and for me for all music, excellent construction, Diva will stay in my collection.