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qdc Superior EX

qdc Superior EX - MusicTeck

The SUPERIOR concept model, developed in collaboration with qdc, a custom IEM brand based in Shenzhen, China, will allow customers to enjoy a musical experience that goes a step further. qdc and FitEar have teamed up to make an updated IEM SUPERIOR EX will be available through both parties’ official dealers and sales network.

SUPERIOR EX is based on the SUPERIOR concept model of the qdc, China's largest manufacturer of pro-use IEM, and has been jointly tuned with FitEar, the larges  manufacturer of pro-use IEM in Japan. This is a large custom IEM brand collaboration model. We focused on reproducing the dynamics inherent in music, and pursued
tuning and total balance according to that concept. By adopting an aluminum enclosure and the original silver-plated OFC cable, we have achieved deeper sub-bass playback and enhanced sound details while maintaining excellent transients. With the three meanings of EXECUTIVE, EXTRA and EXPERIENCE, the EX upgrades your music EXPERIENCE to the next level.

Outline of SUPERIOR EX

Superior, the second entry in the qdc concept model series, will allow more people to experience the fitting, sound response speed and sub-bass playback unique to the custom IEM brand for professional use. SUPERIOR EX is an extra concept model that focuses on reproducing the vast dynamics of music and matching it to a wider range
of music in order to provide a music experience that takes the user one step further. With the cooperation of FitEar, the largest custom IEM manufacturer in Japan, which sympathized with the concept of the project, we planned and developed the project jointly.

SUPERIOR EX is equipped with a newly developed 10mm single full-range dynamic driver, with the aim of providing more users with the brand identity of comfortable wearing and accurate music playback. Based on SUPERIOR, we updated it while considering the total balance of tuning, housing material, and cable according to
the concept. In order to enhance the sound details, the aluminum housing has been changed to further suppress resonance. In addition, the original silver-plated OFC conductor cable with 4 core wire is adopted so that you can feel the deep sub-base playback more. Then, by joint tuning with FitEar, the peak part is suppressed and optimized.

Make your music, Superior EX- As the first collaboration in the history of the two major custom IEM brands that respect each other, we will provide users with the three meanings of "EX" : EXECUTIVE, EXTRA, and EXPERIENCE to enjoy music and monitor. It further upgrades the musical experience available in a wide range of applications, from rings to live stages to games.

Fitear joint tuning for the purpose of reproducing the vast dynamics of music

SUPERIOR EX is a tuning based on the SUPERIOR of the newly developed entry IEM concept with the aim of allowing more users to experience the brand identity of comfortable wearing and accurate music playback. We updated each of the housing material, and the cable according to the concept while considering the total balance.
Equipped with 10mm single full-range dynamic driver, accurate music playback focusing on excessive characteristics (transients), SUPERIOR for natural and harmonious sound reproduction across a wide range of frequencies and all bands while maintaining the characteristics described above, the areas where peaks occur are suppressed so that they do not collapse even if the sound pressure is increased. We focused on reproducing the vast dynamics inherent in music and jointly tuned it with FitEar for the purpose of matching it to a wider range of music.

qdc Superior EX - MusicTeck

Tuning intent: FitEar comments

In order to catch the small and loud sounds of music (the difference is dynamics) without missing, it is necessary to increase the sound pressure to a certain extent after setting up the playback environment. This is especially important for music sources with minimal compression, such as high resolution sources. A sound source with compressed dynamics such as high gain/high compression can be played in a playback environment where it is difficult to increase the volume (such as a TV or stereo at home) or in a noisy environment with a high noise floor (such as background music in a store or a car radio). However, by adapting the sound source side to the narrow dynamics permitted by the playback environment, this missed sound is avoided. The canal type, which covers the ear holes with earpieces, lowers the noise floor and prevents sound leakage, expanding the dynamics allowed by
the playback environment. The conditions for appreciating the large sound source are met. Even under these conditions, if a large peak occurs when trying to increase the sound pressure, it is not possible to raise the sound pressure above the peak. In particular, the frequency band around 3khz to 7khz is easy to hear, and the canal type is also a band that is prone to peaks. Also, this last peak (high frequency) affects the shoulder characteristics, and a large peak may seem to decrease the high frequency relatively suddenly.

The purpose of the new SUPERIOR EX tuning is to reduce these peaks and remove the peaks that had previously been set to the ceiling with the sound pressure setting. As a result, you can have "room" to express the characteristics of each genre and song.

Aluminium chassis for enhanced sound details

In order to achieve the total balance of the SUPERIOR EX sound, we decided to change the chassis material to make the best use of the tuning. After testing various materials, aluminum is used to match the SUPERIOR EX concept. The use of an aluminum case for the earphone shell and faceplate has succeeded in suppressing
resonance, strengthening fine sound details and producing a moderate bass resonance. In addition, while using an aluminum enclosure, it achieves lightweight and comfortable fitting unique to qdc, a custom IEM brand.

qdc Superior EX - MusicTeck

Superior EX Cable with 4 silver plated OFC conductors

In order to improve the overall sound balance of the SUPERIOR EX, the cables included with the product have been changed. To allow users to experience a more dynamic range and deeper sub-bass playback in accordance with the tuning and product concept, we have selected the original silver-plated OFC conductor cable with four core cables among several cables tested. . Covered in a black PVC coating, the SUPERIOR EX Cable is smooth to the touch and easy to handle. Stylish 3.5mm 3-pole unbalanced straight plug with metal sleeve is adopted for the plug part.

10mm single full-range dynamic driver with composite film diaphragm

10mm diameter single full range dynamic driver. The diaphragm USES a composite film using vacuum deposition technology. They are characterized by high rigidity, high quality, and light weight with extremely high uniformity, enabling beautiful and smooth playback even at high frequencies. The driver adopts a unique coaxial dual
magnetic circuit and dual cavity structure. By using magnetic circuits for the diaphragm drive both inside and outside the driver, it is possible to increase the magnetic flux density and achieve drive with superior transient performance. The two-layer cavity structure that gradually optimizes the internal air pressure achieves extremely low distortion at the same time.

Features highly compatible custom IEM 2-pin connector

The SUPERIOR EX concept model features a custom IEM 2pin connector (0.78mm). Unlike the QDC 2-pin connector usually used for professional users, the cable compatibility (*) is high, making it easier for audio enthusiasts to expand their enjoyment as portable audio.
Check that the diameter of the 2pin is 0.78mm, which is suitable for the specification of this product before using. If you use a recable cable with a pin diameter larger than the specifications of this product, the connector may be damaged or loose. Please use it with sufficient care and understanding.

Original carrying case and full accessories

Superior EX comes with a chic black carrying case that is robust and easy to carry. Qdctips single flange with recycled silicone to reduce the burden on the ear when wearing. There are three sizes of Soft-fit ear pieces (S/M/L), three sizes of double flange ear pieces (S/M/L), and plenty of accessories including cleaning tools.


qdc Superior EX - MusicTeckqdc Superior EX - MusicTeck

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